Brooklyn Academy of Science & the Environment

Base students at Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Base students at the Botanic Garden

Our Mission

BASE is a three campus New York City Public High School that integrates the missions and resources of Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to offer academic excellence and rigor. Our community of staff, families and community partners supports students in becoming critical thinkers, active learners and problem solvers who are scientifically literate, engaged citizens who value and respect the environment.

Principal: Gail Lambert

School Mural
Decorative walls at BASE

Remote Learning Expectations

Dear Families,

Thank you for your patience and ongoing support of our school and community during this challenging time. We hope all parents continue to check the official New York City Department of Education website for official updates, and look out for information sent by BASE and our teachers via JupiterEd, as well as electronic and traditional mail. Please be sure to register for your NYC Schools Account via the Department of Education website as well. If you require support with this last step, please reach out to Mr. Johnson at Continue to contact Mr. Johnson when you need support.

We have spent the past week working diligently to determine how best to continue our shared learning this year despite the current interruption to traditional instruction. As a staff, we have determined that we will use Google Classroom as our primary platform for remote learning. Many teachers and students have already been using this system as a supplement to classroom instruction, so it is familiar to them. Students will be able to meet with teachers for direct instruction via videoconferencing hosted by both Google Meet and Zoom, directions for use posted by teachers via Google Classroom. This aspect of our remote learning plan will allow us to continue to provide meaningful direct instruction and intensive academic support to our students.

Teachers will continue to adapt their classroom routines and curricula to our remote learning structure so that students continue to learn essential skills and content, earn credits toward graduation, and prepare for Regents exams. We recognize that providing a regular structure will further this goal, and have therefore developed the schedule included in this letter.

On school days, we expect students to be engaged in academic conversation with teachers and peers, or working on class assignments, throughout what would be the regular school day. Students will also have a scheduled lunch period. Teachers will continue to assign homework as well. Students will have access to teachers electronically during regular school hours and will continue scheduled contact with service providers and school counselors. Service providers and guidance counselors will reach out to students to schedule remote appointments via Zoom Videoconferencing or Google Meet. Should you need to meet with a guidance counselor or teacher about your student’s progress, expect to communicate with them via these same tools.

Statement on Accessibility

We are working to make this website easier to access for people with disabilities, and will follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. If you need assistance with a particular page or document on our current site, please contact to request assistance.