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Margaret's Place Provides...

  • A Safe Space

Margaret's Place is a safe place for students to be themselves. When the school building is open the room is open during lunch and many other times for students who have free periods. Come relax, play a game, and hang out with friends.

  • Peer Leadership

A group of students called Peer Leaders represent Margaret’s Place and help spread the word about healthy relationships and non-violent conflict resolution. As a Peer Leader, students have the opportunity to be activists by educating their peers and engaging in service projects in school and in their community. Peer Leaders meet once a week. Membership is through application and interview. Talk to Ms. G to learn more.

  • Counseling

When the school building is open, Ms. G provides individual and group counseling to students for a variety of issues, including peer and dating relationships, family issues, problems at school, and much more. You will need a pass from your teacher, or stop by during passing to set up an appointments.

  • Women and Men of Strength Groups

These groups are open to students interested in connecting with their peers, making friends, discussing important issues, participating in art projects and trips, and learning more about themselves in the process. Talk to Ms. G to get more info and get involved.

ALSO Service Projects, School-Wide Anti-Violence Campaigns,

Classroom Workshops and MORE!

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