Information for Families

Re-opening Letter to Parents

Rotation Schedule

3B Model that was approved by the Superintendent’s Office

August 2020

Dear BASE Families:

Welcome back to returning families and a big welcome to our new 9th grade families! This fall will mark the start of a unique and challenging school year. In good times and in challenging times, I know that you want the best for your child. You want them to be safe, healthy, and happy. And you want them to always be learning, growing, and getting ready to take on the world. Our school plays such an important role in that, especially now. At BASE health and safety always lead the way.

Our vision for the fall is a safe, strong, and supportive learning environment and an excellent education for every one of our students. BASE will be in session and students will be learning five days per week—no matter where they are. Please see below some of the important information to help with your planning:

Offering the Choice Between All Remote or Blended Instruction:

  • Parents may opt for all remote instruction at any time. If you decide to change to all remote please notify the school as soon as possible so that we can make the proper changes.

  • Parents who want Blended Learning after selecting all remote may do so at set times during the school year (dates to be determined by the Department of Education)

Safety Precautions for Blended Learning:

  • All staff and students are required to wear masks at all times (unless eating)

  • Students should bring their masks and other PPE, but in cases where that doesn’t happen, the school will provide them with what they need

  • Random temperature checks will be taken with a contact-free thermometer daily

  • A school nurse is on staff at all times

  • An isolation room (Auditorium) has been established for any student experiencing symptoms

  • Students will be placed in “pods” no larger than 11 students and will stay in one classroom all day to minimize exposure.

  • Seating will be arranged 6 feet apart to maintain social distancing

  • We have been assured that our HVAC system is operating by CDC guidelines and all rooms being used have at least 2 working windows

  • Students and families are eligible for free, periodic COVID-19 testing and should call 311 for local testing locations and take advantage of this regularly

  • Parents should ensure that students take their temperature daily before leaving for school and complete the online survey daily

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed in several locations throughout the school

  • Cleaning supplies will be available in every classroom

Remote Instruction:

  • Students will receive instruction every day.

Blended Instruction:

  • Students who are opting for Blended instruction will attend school 2 days and complete remote instruction 4 days, following a 6 day cycle (weekends and holidays are still free days). During the remote instruction days, students will follow the Remote Instruction schedule. Please see the 3B Model above that was approved by the Superintendent’s Office.

  • The school will make a color-coded calendar available on-line to help keep track of the attendance days

  • Students should bring their laptop/IPad to school every day, as well as any basic supplies they need

  • Any school supplies such as lab equipment, art-making materials etc. will not be shared between students without first being sanitized

  • Students should bring their headphones as they will be participating in live instruction online with remote learning students daily (in cases of need, headphones will be provided)

  • If you have any additional questions feel free to contact me at You are welcome to contact Mr. Johnson at

Thank you for all your support and cooperation.