At BASE, students develop content knowledge and disciplinary skills through meaningful, student-centered learning experiences. Teachers integrate best practices for in-person and remote learning to craft and implement the curricula outlined in the course overviews featured below. Our courses are designed to meet our students where they are, while supporting their growth toward college- and career-readiness via rigorous, culturally-responsive practices.

The school also uses the comprehensive digital curricula provided by Edmentum to both supplement teacher-developed curriculum and provide students ample and rich opportunities for credit recovery.

Photo of stacked books


Curriculum Overviews

Photo of mathematics problems and pens


Curriculum Overviews

Photo of planets


Curriculum Overviews

Photo of antique compass on a map

Social Studies

Curriculum Overviews

Photo of basketball hoop

Physical Ed.

Curriculum Overviews

Photo of artist painting a landscape

Art & Spanish

Curriculum Overviews