About Us

At the Brooklyn Academy of Science and the Environment (BASE), learning moves beyond the classroom walls. Students at BASE learn the science of plant life at the world renowned Brooklyn Botanic Garden. They unearth the building blocks of nature within Prospect Park's 585 acres and travel to museums, aquarium and nature preserves. Please see our Partnership page for more information.

Youth development is an important aspect of the school. During the school day and afterwards, BASE students always have someone to talk to. Thanks to the Joe Torre Foundation, BASE has Margaret’s Place: an on-site student sanctuary staffed with a full-time social worker who provides group counseling, training for staff and students, and conducts school-wide anti-violence campaigns. A group of students called the Peer Leaders represent Margaret's Place and help spread the word about healthy relationships and non-violent conflict resolution. In addition, the Ifetayo Rites of Passage program offers guidance to young women and men of African descent. Using various art forms as tools, students explore historical and contemporary issues as they develop life skills. Ifetayo groups meet daily after school.

BASE caters to all students from learning disabled to gifted students. We offer a rich demanding and engaging curriculum that challenges students and which fosters college and career readiness.

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School Faculty & Staff

School Administration

Gail Lambert, Principal

Risa Bockler, Assistant Principal - Special Education

Sara Stoler, Assistant Principal - Administration

Student/Family Support & Guidance

Kesha Hopkins, Guidance Counselor

Mervyn Roach, Guidance Counselor

Melisande Barclay, Dean

Jawara Johnson, Parent Coordinator

Maxine Algenio, Special Education Liaison

Sabrina Rodriguez, Margaret's Place

Dorean Fellin, School Psychologist

David Doldron, Paraprofessional

Samuel Welch, Paraprofessional

Barbara Greats, Paraprofessional

Daniel Peters-Alexander, Paraprofessional

Art Department

Jennifer Lemish

English Department

Ennisha Cameron, Special Education Teacher

Ayanna Copeland, Teacher

Daniel Goldman, Teacher

Raymond Huber, Teacher/Special Education Teacher

Foreign Language/ESL

Monica Mehta, Teacher

Health & Physical Education 

Esran Boothe, Teacher

Kendra Nelson, Teacher


Maxine Algenio, Special Education Teacher

Ennisha Cameron, Special Education Teacher

Lenston Elliott, Teacher

Peisi Li, Teacher


Justin Fabrikant, Teacher

Lynique Floyd, Special Education Teacher

Venise Morales, Teacher

Alicia Sorrenti, Teacher

Social Studies

Lynique Floyd, Special Education Teacher

Amelia Haddad, Teacher

Rachel Hickman, Special Education Teacher

Joseph Sokolow, Teacher

Whitney Witthaus, Teacher